“The Photographers”

A photographer not only a person who brings camera and takes pictures. To be a photographer, it needs a lot of emotion and feeling because they need try to put their feeling in that situation.  So, it is not an easy job. Sometimes they will face dangerous business and force to spend much time to stay in jungle and so on. But, the important is they must take care by themselves. Because of that, they require to special training, for example if they want to take picture underwater world, they must have knowledge about anything related to the underwater world and have diving skill.

Besides to produce magazine, photographer have to write subject issue. Sometimes it takes many months because they need to go and see the place. There, they will identify and understand what happened around. So, from that, they have to see and learn something different. Photographers have a responsibility to give accuracy from their pictures and writing. They need to work very hard for give the proof to the readers. Because of that, they need to go anywhere to get pictures. During to get information from other person, the photographers have to create respond or feedback from audience. It is because the photographers need to make readers understand what happen around.

Every picture tells a story and it is an exploration among photographers. From the pictures they will explain people, animal and so on. Camera can be the witness of the tragedy (Sam Abell). Good photography also insist snapshot and snap the most bizarre. It’s better if they can give or provides something weird. Snapshot includes snap spontaneously or the people do not look at camera.

Although at the first we look at a picture in market we said that the picture is not something bizarre or cannot attract readers, but a photographer can make it becomes interesting and the information about the market become attractive. So, the snap skill and skill to get information is so important to be a photo journalist.


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