Risk of being late to class

Nilai – “Being late for lectures will get students into a lot of troubles,” said FPBU’s lecturer Wan Moharani Mohamad when asked about students’ attitudes for being fashionably late to their lectures.

     “Although it is not a big problem yet, however it must be control from the beginning before it is too late or become habits to them especially when they start their career,” he added.

     He also said that the students who being late will lose a few of important information because in the beginning of class, lecturers will explain the whole figure of topic that they will learn.

     The excuse they usually said is because they just finished their class in the different building or they have transportation problem,” he added.

     He said, charter buses are provided starting from 6.30 in the morning, so it is impossible for students to say that transportation is an issue.

     Izawati Wook, FSU’s lecturer said, any students that come late to class will be recorded in the attendance list and their participation marks will be deducted too.

     “Most of students always late between 10 to 15 minutes but some of them reach until 30 minutes after class started.

     “The students also have no sense of guilty and no respect to their lecturers because when they late, they just sit without apologizing,” she added.

     A FEM’s student, Norhakimah Baharom, 21, agreed that most of students usually said that they have transportation’s problem when they late to go to class.

     “Actually, transportation is not the problem, they are late because of their attitudes,” she said.

     Nor Asmindar Norddin, 22, said, students who being late need to apologize from their lecturers.

     “They have to know that late for class is guilty, so, they need to get forgiveness from lecturer and promise not to do that again.

     “This attitude will only cause them a lot of troubles in future, especially to their lecturers and employer,” she added.


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  1. izmal said

    Waaaaa….banyak susah nak blaja kat universiti…nak balik kampung.

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